Dog Day Care


The Hound Lounge offers dog day care in Anchorage to Hounds who meet the following requirements:

• Pass an evaluation
• Submit an information page for file
• Hound and human friendly
• Be healthy
• Be spayed or neutered after six (6) months of age
• Be able
• Be up to date on all vaccinations (rabies, bordetella, DHLPP, tick, lice, flea, etc.)
• Be 12 weeks or older

The Hound Lounge offers two 1000 square foot dog day care areas at our Anchorage facility that provides a safe, supervised, comfortable area for Hounds to exercise and socialize with other Hounds.

The Hound Lounge offers a 2000 square foot outdoor dog day care play area, where Hounds will receive supervision, fresh air and health exercise.